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Why Do I Love Red Queen Series So Badly?

from https://victoriaaveyard.com/books/

To be frank, I’m busy with heaps studying back-and-forth, but since I need a relief (and that’s why I named this blog Selene Escapism) so I spare my time to write my own review. Now it’s about why I deadly love Red Queen series. Some of you might be mumble something about how similar it is with Red Rising (which I haven’t read), or why Victoria didn’t just title it The Second Selection (refer to Kiera Cass’)?

But apart from reasons above, I have my own opinions about this series, and why it affects my book-life so much I hardly choose anything else except Red Queen if you ask me what’s book I love most.

1. Amazing worldbuilding

  I have to mention that I appreciate Victoria a lot for writing this such of story. She can integrate history and fantasy pretty good and I could say… outstanding. Silver and red, upper and lower, superpower: perfect combination! However, we found it common in young adult books. TFOTA, Grishaverse, etc used the same concept too but I love Red Queen more because I read it for the first time (and in conclusion, I don’t have any reason not to love this).

2. Complex and Astonishing Words

Yeah I know I read the words “I clenched my jaw I grit my teeth” frequently here, but I enjoy it! the Author choose elaborate words to write, and even when I read the Bahasa edition in early book, I can feel it. I can feel how deep the words (plus how I perpetually ouvre-et-ferme the dictionary when I read the original ver. I’m Indonesian so it sometimes hard to fathom those hard words) in both version. It’s in exalted level.

P.S: I really love this line “The truth is what I make it. I could set this world on fire and call it rain.

3. Classic and Modern Politics Rendezvous

Yep honestly, I always got excited when it comes to Republic Monfort, Nortan States, Lakelands, and the Disputed Lands. I mean it’s really help me to understand some history subjects such as revolution and conflicts in the whole world, palace conflicts concepts, etc. It made me easily fathom the truly purpose of Republic, or Kingdom, or State. Like I feel I was there too when people planned to make a country or ending some wars. There’s people like Cal, rebel like Mare and Farley, and mediator such as Premier Davidson. Life is always about who’s high and who’s lower.

4. Maven, Cal, Mare: Love Triangle Trope I Only Have an Eye On

Not to mention when Maven betrayed Mare at book one, and it was never ending saga until War Storm ended. This one isn’t cheesy! I’m extremely irrationally exuberant on it and uh… an open letter to Victoria Aveyard: Maven deserves better. I couldn’t choose whether I’m on #TeamCal or #TeamMaven (If the cards were reversed, I would accept them both 😊). Shortly, if you kind of The Selection lovers, you might be love this too! (They aren’t same though, just in case you pondering what YA books suit The Selection most)

5. Part of My High School Lives

A top-tier book is a book that you read along with your best friends, hype it together, literally fulfill your young-adult lives. That’s how I categorize books; I used to conclude a good book by my friends’ opinions about it. If they love it, a big odds that I’ll love it too! I simply don’t mind about author’s way of writing, or what people on Goodreads might say. I knew my friends choose a great book for me, I trust them.   

I think those are enough? It isn’t late to start reading Red Queen series now, if you don’t mind. Don’t be afraid, I believe this series won’t ruin your expectations (at least, methinks). AND FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION: Victoria Aveyard gonna release her new series titled Realm Breaker next year, you must look forward to it too! Enjoy your reads, everyone 😉


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