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Title : Nisha

Author : Airin Efferin

Publisher : airinefferin.com

Format : Epub

Total Pages : 51 pages

Edition : First Edition, 2020


A coming of age novella.

Nisha is a young princess that wakes up to find her kingdom in a mess. With the help of some friends and a lot of magic, she attempts to make sense of her life, her future, and her land.

[DISCLAIMER] Read this if you:

  • Are a middle-grade reader or love to read middle-grade
  • Need a political-palace flickers, but not too much
  • An avid fantasy reader
  • A witch! (witch I mean you have obsession to read magical things)
  • Fancy to read strong woman as a main character

“Life is unpredictable, children. We simply try. But we do not know what the dawn will bring. Whether it is luck, or magic, or even love,”

Nisha, pages 43

One week ago, the author Mrs. Efferin gave me Nisha’s ARCs and asked me if I could write bookreview for this or not. I am much obliged since this is my first bookreview by a request 😀 . I will try my best to describe what this book looks like to me.

First of all, I’ll talk about the cover. This is a gorgeous cover indeed, her face details really served Nisha’s characters. It’s the definition of an independent girl who believe she can do anything right by herself. However, I don’t exactly think the gowns  resembled the story precisely ((eh, at least, in my imagination)). But it’s good! I rate 4.5/5 for the cover.

And now let’s move to the contents. Nisha tells us a story about a young princess who supposedly being a royal heir of the crown (this I mean she supposedly being queen someday), but she might not be able to get that because menaces from the kingdom outside forced her to be a young Lord Ged’s betrothed. Here she decided what her future and her kingdom will be, and to achieve her purpose, she got helps from her friends ((and magic!)).

Using 3rd person point of view, this book successfully makes the reader enjoy as it was them who played the main role. As far as I’m concerned, this was a children/ or middle-grade? novel. And by this I mean, it really suits the genre!. I’ll list several advantages for why you should read it:


I’d say Nisha is a fast-paced fantasy, or I might classified it as short novella, since it had less than 100 pages. But rather, it’s good! People won’t get intimidated to read it, and reader especially childrens who had attempts to read English novel for the first time, won’t find it difficult. There’s not much complicated words, and that’s why I think it suits children most. But reading it as an adult is indeed a great idea! I myself enjoyed it a lot.


And if you love to read bedtime stories for you childrens, or siblings, or niece, whoever it is, before they sleep, Nisha fits you best! Try to recite this as a series of bedtime stories, I am sure your listeners will be excited, since it’s an adventureous story, and it’s obvious that they will crave for more. For the time, it might be finish in a week ((you can read 2-3 chapters per night)). This book internalize values of feminism and responsibilities in a very simple approach, don’t hesitate to choose this as your choice!


I really am hoping the author will give us more pages. I mean, there’s promising sets of fantasy such as Inner and Outer Movements concepts, or how the war will go on. That’s all engaging! Each of characters also had their own interesting points ((like Ged with his own selfish, Nisha with her own strong will, Saad and his cryptic characters, etc)) . I personally think it’s little bit hanging on the end, so I anticipate there’ll be sequels for next. Nah, I’m looking forward to that as well.


In a nutshell, Nisha is a marvelous work. Set in a magical kingdom, and hosted by a strong wonderful women lead character. It’s well-written, and definitely one book I will recommend for beginners. Rating: 4/5.

Peringkat: 4.5 dari 5.


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