Title : Sacred Rituals (Nisha Trilogy #2)

Author : Airin Efferin

Publisher : airinefferin.com

Format : Epub

Total Pages : 80 pages

Edition : First Edition, 2021


The trio is separated when Saad decides to voyage with King Chet to find his mysterious dark-skinned tribe. The King brings spoiled Lord Ged Luft on the journey, in hopes of keeping the marriage alliance intact between Princess Nisha and Ged.

In the meanwhile, Nisha and Faris stay at the Border to aid General Char in protecting their land from the Aklum invasion. On the dawn of an Aklumite attack, the young mages realize they will need all of their skill, knowledge, and courage in order to stand a chance against the Aklumites..

[DISCLAIMER] Read this if you:

  • Love the first book and curious about their upcoming adventure!
  • Are diverse-book readers!
  • Are looking for some light-reading with spark of fantasy to relax yourself out of this cruel reality world (wrote this emotionally T_T)
  • More profoundly, want to know deeper about all Nisha characters!

“(To hear them) It takes time, and practice, of course. Be patient with yourself, but not too patient. It’s good to acknowledge you can hear them, but that you don’t understand (them),”


Sacred Ritual’s digital ARC just came few weeks ago, and it took me a week to finally write its review. Let me thanks to Kak Airin for give me the ARC, because I was over the moon, excited to read it, since the end of book 1 left several cliffhangers. And guess what? Sacred Rituals quite jump out beyond my main expectations! ((It means, there’s something ‘more’ from this book that makes it more special than the first one –eventhough both are just as great– based on my own reading experience))

I had talked about the Nisha cover on previous review, and now I’m going to talk just as the same.  It potrays Nisha, Faris, Saad, the Aklumites and the other characters in a single shot. This symbolizes the diversity on it, and may I say … helped me lots to imagine what Aklumites really looked like. I remember one time when I read the ARC and one of my friend saw the cover, and she got attracted to it, asking where can she buy this one just because the cover is so tempting! (and I said to her, the contents are as wonderful as the cover! I told her to buy one when it released)

Then, let’s focus on its contents. Sacred Rituals is a continuation from Nisha, and if you want to read it, of course, you have to read the first book before. Here, you’ll be introduced to the extended version of Nishaverse; the nature of Seis itself, and mysteries behind it. So many to talk about, I perhaps will spoil the whole book if I write too much 😀 . Take an attention to the amount of pages, and you’ll see this one will give you more detailed (and more adventurous!) stories than the first one!

I’ll tell you a few differences between this and Nisha and those will make you obliged to read Sacred Rituals! Here we go:


Yup, you got it right! In this book, you’ll found out that each character have their own enthralling stories, so we can know what they were feeling, or somehow relate to them. If the first book was more Nisha-focused, the second book will be larger than that.


Aha! I hope it doesn’t count as spoiler, but I did got surprised when reading their parts! Apparently there’s something happen between them both :33 . I’ll say that it’s unexpected; or perhaps it’s just me who didn’t pay much attention to them in the first book?


We got maps here!! And a guide to Nishaverse! How great is that sounds? It’s so detailed, that I can assure you won’t get lost when roaming through its universe.  I personally love how simple-but-still-marvelous the Seis map was made, gonna say it brilliant, because I can easily memorize it (sometimes  when I read a fantasy book, I got confused because they often give unnecessary complicated maps). This bang up the elephant!


I think I have already mentioned clues about this above: more povs means there’s more character development. I saw it in every character, even Ged! I love to see that boy got finally changed 😀 , and things he did in the end is very much notable that even myself hummed “Oh, look at this boy, he’s growing up! /sob/” .


I’m talking about how Kak Airin describes Saad as black-skinned man, Saad-Faris relationship, and how Saad’s clan speak through mind and not through spoken words. It really represents the minorities, and that’s an empowering step! Including these topics into coming-of-age literature is never been easy, but Kak Airin did it very well!


To summarize, Sacred Rituals is such a wonderful book. It introduces us more to the diversity of Nisha universe, and there’s lot of moral values that we can pluck from it. It is a powerful middle-grade trilogy that I will non-stop recommend to you, guys. Rate: 4.5/5

Peringkat: 4.5 dari 5.

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